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Across the Bay


Waiting for the ferry to depart, this is one of the views of downtown San Diego

When visiting San Diego, many tourist will visit the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, the historic Gaslamp District, and 27 miles of pristine beaches. Those are certainly recommended, but here is something many people do know about that will give you a really good chance to experience both San Diego and Coronado just across the bay.

The Midway, the historic aircraft carrier which is now a museum in the san Diego Bay

The Midway, the historic aircraft carrier which is now a museum in the san Diego Bay

When you’re in downtown San Diego, you can rent a bike at one of the many bike shops. Once you’ve done that go to Broadway, the main street downtown, and head towards the harbor. Once you cross Pacific Coast Highway go to the right until you see a little free-standing building called Harbor Tours. There you can purchase tickets to take the ferry across the bay to Coronado. You can take the bike on the ferry, they’re very bike friend. It is very inexpensive, you can check out their website for rates.

It is a 15 minute ferry ride across the San Diego bay and have your camera ready. You’ll have some of the best photo opportunities you’ve ever seen.

The main entrance to the famed Hotel Del Coronado

The main entrance to the famed Hotel Del Coronado

Once you get to Coronado, you want to make your way to Orange Avenue on block to the right. Once on Orange Avenue make a left and you’ll cycle through the enchanted town of Coronado, which is more like a village. There are several unique shops and restaurants you’ll want to visit. As you make you way down Orange Avenue, the street will curve to the left. Stay on Orange and the Hotel Del Coronado will be to your right.

This historic landmark is commonly referred to as the Hotel Del and is a must see during a visit to San Diego. When you take a stole inside you’ll learn about how this large wooden structure was built and one of the first buildings to be wired for electricity by Thomas Edison himself. When you walk on the beach behind the where Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, frolicked while shooting the movie “Some like it Hot”. Another interesting fact about the Hotel Del; this is where Edward, Prince of Wales met twice divorced American Wallis Simpson. Two years after Edward’s accession as king of England, he advocated the throne to marry Simpson.


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