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The Demise of an embattled Mayor

DSCF2127San Diego, CA – Network news crews set up early Tuesday morning August 20th, outside of San Diego City Hall while Mayor Bob Filner, shrouded in controversy after several charges of sexual harassment, starts a second day of mediation.

DSCF2026Currently, over seventy per cent of the registered voters in San Diego want Mayor Filner to resign and those numbers are growing. Over a thousand people turned out Sunday, August 18th, at San Diego’s Civic Center Plaza afternoon to call for the resignation or the recall of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who by his own admission, has sexually assaulted several women during his term as Congressman and Mayor. So far, 18 women have come forward with stories of Filner’s groping, sexual innuendos, and sloppy kisses. The number of women who have been sexually assaulted and harassed by Filner is expected to grow with each passing day.

DSCF2065While the locks have been changed at the San Diego Mayor’s office, ¬†Filner is not allowed to be alone in the same room with women. After admitting his guilt Filner spent two weeks in therapy to overcome his self-described illness. famed attorney Gloria Alred is representing one of the victims in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Filner’s attorneys claim the City of San Diego should be liable for the cost of the litigation because Filner did not receive sexual harassment training from the city after he was elected mayor.¬†According to speculation, Filner’s resignation is inevitable. City Council President Todd Gloria will soon become Mayor.


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