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Fear paid me a visit

I had just gone to bed but I didn’t plan on falling sleeping so fast. I wanted to watch some of the Tonight Show. Half way through Jay Leno’s mono log I fell fast asleep. I entered a dream state unlike any other before. This time my dream was in HD with stereo surround sound. It’s been years since I’ve dreamt so realistically. This dream may have been the most vivid I ever had. I actually felt I was there.

Often a dream will be void of logic or reason. This dream was no exception. The room I was a living room. It was in the home of someone I knew. I don’t know who it was or why I was there. I did know I was welcomed to this place. I was going to help with vacuuming. I got the vacuum ready and unraveled the cord. I couldn’t find the outlet. “Where is the electrical outlet?” I asked the friend in the next room. They didn’t answer and I thought it was strange. I shouted the same question again there was no reply. Instead there was an eerie silence. I began to feel strange, uncertain, and vulnerable.

Within the fraction of a second the circumstances changed that dream into a nightmare. I began to walk into the next room and couldn’t go any further. The vacuum cord I unraveled on the floor on the floor was suddenly around my neck. There was someone behind me. I knew they meant harm and I felt evil radiating from them. I knew this was going to be a horrible experience. The pressure from the cord increased immediately and I started to choke. The light from the room grew dim as I began gasping for air. I felt a real danger and knew my life was about to end. My death was happening suddenly and abruptly. At the hands of someone who would have no remorse for killing me.

I fell to the floor on my back while being dragged backwards by the cord around my neck. I had to see who was doing this because that might also tell me why. I tried to look up as they were dragging me across the floor. They were wearing a white hooded jacket with the hood over their head. Their face was covered with a white cloth. I felt so helpless. I needed to see their face but I couldn’t  I couldn’t look into their eyes. My life was ending and I didn’t have the strength to see who was committing my murder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the blade of a knife. The light reflected off of the blade as it got closer. My thoughts became a desperate plea. Oh dear god please help me. Please don’t let this happen. No, please it can’t happen now, not this way. As the blade of that knife got closer I knew that all I was or hoped to be, my life will now come to an end.

I screamed as loud as I could to wake myself up. I was hard and took every effort to scream but it worked. I woke up in a cold sweat. I was so afraid I cried and couldn’t go back to sleep. That was the most fear I have ever felt. It may have been a dream. But during that dream that fear was real. That was fear I hope I never experience that again. It was a fear so real, I think I now have some idea what it might be like to be murdered.


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More than you bargained for: some STD’s can help to spread other STD’s

Now collector’s items, this along with other STD Propaganda Posters were used during the 30s and 40s to distribute to American Soldiers.

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be painful and cause permanent damage. Some STD’s infect only reproductive organs, while others can cause general body infections. Sometimes a person can have a STD with no signs or symptoms. Other times symptoms of an STD can go away without being treated. Either way, that person still has the STD until they treated and cured.  Even though most STD’s can be cured, their damage can be permanent because they increase a person’s chances of becoming infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

STD’s are spread during close sexual activities that include oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Some STD’s are also spread by contact with infected blood. Most STD germs need to live in warm and moist areas. This is why STD’s will often infect the mouth, rectum and sex organs such as the vagina, vulva, penis, and testes.

An STD can increase the risk of becoming infected with HIV because sores and lesions caused by STD’s provide ports of exit and entry for HIV to leave the body of one person and enter the body of another. STD’s greatly increase the amount of HIV in sexual fluids, and increase the amount of white blood cells at the site of infection. These white blood cells are the target cells that HIV will seek to infect.  STD’s fall into one of two categories; pathogens that are bacteria or viruses. Regardless of the category they belong in, some STD’s increase the level of risk for HIV more so than others.

Chlamydia is a bacteria transmitted typically during sexual activity when direct contact is made with discharge, genital secretions, or infected mucous membranes. Mucous membrane is areas that stay moist and include genitals, anus, throat, and eyes. Contaminated fingers can pass the Chlamydia organism from infected mucous membrane of the genital region to the eyes. When used correctly, barriers such as latex condoms and dental dams can prevent the spread of Chlamydia. It is curable with a specific type of antibiotic treatment. Studies have shown Chlamydia increases the risk of HIV transmission two to five times.

Genital Herpes (HSV) is virus that is transmitted through direct contact with infected skin, mucous membrane, blisters, or sores. Most often, the blisters and sores caused by Herpes are found on, in, or around the genitals, anus, or mouth.  There is no cure for Herpes. Some medications can relieve pain and duration of symptoms.  Herpes probably has a higher risk for transmitting HIV because the open sores and blisters provide a gateway for HIV to enter the body if exposed to infected blood, semen, or vaginal discharge of a sex partner.

Gonorrhea is a bacteria transmitted by direct contact with discharge from, or infectious mucous membranes of genital areas. Contaminated fingers can pass the organism from genital areas to the eyes. Gonorrhea can also be transmitted from the throat to the urethra of the penis during oral sex. When used correctly, barriers such as condoms and dental dams can prevent the spread of Gonorrhea. Even though it can be cured with antibiotics, Studies have shown Gonorrhea can increase the risk of HIV by two to four times.

Syphilis is a bacteria transmitted during sexual activity or contact with infected blood. It is often referred to as the “Great Masquerader” because symptoms can be mistaken for other illnesses. Syphilis is somewhat harder to define than other STD’s in terms of HIV transmission but can have an increased risk because of two reasons; in addition the sores or lesions it can cause, Syphilis can also lower the body’s immunity which make it easier for HIV to develop. Studies have shown Syphilis can increase the risk of HIV by three to five times.

Alcohol and drug use can also increase the risk of HIV. The influence of alcohol and drugs will lower a person’s inhibitions, causing them to act with reckless disregard and do things they normally would not do. In addition, drugs or alcohol may cause a person to have rougher sex over a longer period of time. This type of activity can cause abrasions in mucosal lining of the genital area, which provides the port of exit or entry for HIV.


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